Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trip Statistics

Tomorrow I am scheduled for a trail ride at a stable in Mancos, CO and I started thinking about all the different forms of transportation I will have taken on this trip other than my car. What a surprise when I started counting and came up with 10! The list includes plane, raft, dune buggy, BART (train from suburb into San Francisco) cable car, bus, excursion steam train, yacht, motor boat, and horse.

Here are some other statistics:

36 Days on the road
10 National Parks visited
7 Parks where I had a queasy stomach and/or white knuckles while driving
5 Parks where I wished I had an extra day
10 States I stayed overnight
8 Nights stayed in a hostel
12 Nights stayed with friends
3 Kinds of wildlife spotted that were bigger than a turkey
0 Times Teddy Tripper spotted a relative
8 Days with temperature in triple digits (unofficial)
1 Days I saw rain (so far)
2 Other solo women travelers I met
12 Miles walked in one day (estimated)
1 Parking tickets
2 Times I "lost" my car in a parking lot
2 Days I missed journaling
2 Evenings I watched TV
3 Days I had a picnic (defined as eating my own food outside my car)
10,000 Mountain ranges I drove over (unofficial)


Anonymous said...

Dear Jan,
A really nice guy who's name I think is Denis sold me your book at the Big E the other day. He told me I MUST read your blog. Thank You as I LOVE your book and cant wait to read all your post on your blog. I'll have to tell all my friends as I take my picnic basket and start crusing Connecticut.
Have a great day.
Alicia in East Hartford, CT.
PS would you please tell that nice man thank you & i said hi?

CrusingCT said...

Hi Alicia,

I am happy you are enjoying Cruising Connecticut. Fall is a great time to visit one of the destinations with a picnic, and I'm glad I will be home in time to do that myself.

Thanks so much for your comments, and, yes, I will be sure to tell Denis that you said hi.

Gulf Coast Gina said...

Even though Teddy Tripper didn't see any of his relatives, he still looks he's having a blast at Yosemite! And you stayed with 12 friends?! Wow, that is a great stat = a third of the time you've been on the road. I'm impressed with all the new pals you've made. More happy trails, Jan.

CrusingCT said...

Dear Gulf Coast Gina,

Well, I have made a lot of new friends on this trip, but not quite 12. This number is the nights stayed with friends, but some friends actually let me stay more than one night!

Holly said...

What a great summary blog! You have accomplished great are so brave and definately living life to the fullest! I am so proud of you!