Thursday, September 24, 2009

From Hostels to the Occidental

I guess I should come clean about my resolve to travel "on-the-cheap." I started out good. The first night I stayed in a hostel, although I did "splurge" on a private room. Total cost: $49.30. Even though the bathroom and shower were at the end of the hall, and there was a terrible ruckus at 2:30 in the morning from a nearby room, I decided to risk a second hostel a few nights later. This one was a charming, tiny room in a hotel built in the 1800's. It reminded me of a log cabin, with it's rustic twin bed covered in a plaid comforter. Although again, the bathroom was down the hall, at least the shower was private, and, it was quiet. In addition to four additional hostels along my route, I consistently made reservations in inns and motels that fit in the on-the-cheap category.

Then, there was Buffalo, Wyoming. I had been on the Internet for some time trying to find a reasonably priced room in this stop-over town, when I happened upon Although I was immediately fascinated by the history and decor of this hotel, I resolved to be good and went on looking for an alternative, thinking that I didn't have to actually stay overnight, but could simply visit during the day and have a peek.

Someone once wrote, "Continue until your weariness overcomes the need to save money." And, yes, I eventually booked the room. Total cost: $140.71. But, it turned out to be a bargain after all, because in addition to being a delightful place to spend the night, it was a history lesson, a day's entertainment, and most definitely in the category of "favorite memories of my x-country trip."

Who knows, it may actually be eligible for a chapter in my new book, the solo, x-country, not quite on-the-cheap book.

To the Connecticut blogger who heard my interview on the Mary Jones Show (WDRC 1360 AM) I will be calling in again on Saturday, September 26th at 1:30 Eastern Standard Time.


Gina Bean said...

$140 for a hotel room? Hahahaha! Sorry, this gal from New York City thinks that is just too funny for the category of "splurge."

I am impressed, Jan. Shared bathrooms, down the hall. For me? Nuh uh. But again, "You go, girl!"

Thinking of you every day,and thanks for keeping us all posted!
Gina Bean

Holly said...

Sounds like at $140.71 this was the best bargin to date! ...but did it have a John Wayne cutout?

CrusingCT said...


No John Wayne cutout! But, I'm leaving California tomorrow to return to cowboy country (Utah, Arizona, and Colorado) so I'll be on the lookout for a John Wayne lookalike, but not the cardboard variety!!