Monday, September 14, 2009

Solo Traveler Welcomes the Personal Connection

From roosters crowing to cars honking, from cows mooing to sirens blaring, from driving down "cow paths" to one-way city streets, which are always going the other way. From Montana to Seattle!

Just a few days ago, I was headed toward Montana looking forward to three days of human contact with folks who had invited a solo traveler/writer and perfect stranger to be a guest in their home.

The first town was Livingston, just north of Yellowstone. The hosts were a lovely couple, Relly and Mel, who not only fed me and gave me a place to sleep, but took me on a grand and historic tour of this place they have settled in and grown to love. In addition, a surprise and pleasant evening was offered when Relly, an actress, brought me to her rehearsal of "You Can't Take it With You" which will be playing at The Blue Slipper Theatre. For anyone living in this area, check it out. The talented cast will not only have you laughing out loud, but you will go home thinking that your own family might be perfectly normal after all.

Next, I drove to Fort Shaw, just west of Great Falls. Margaret and Duane have a small but growing farm which was an exciting new experience. I saw the sunrise, picked fresh corn for a large family dinner, and rode a horse. Well, okay, I "sat" on a horse to have my picture taken. But, that small act of getting on a horse after 30 years has given me the courage, I think, to schedule a trail ride later in one of the National Parks. The house sits on a hill with a dramatic view of a square butte, the small town of Fort Shaw, and neighboring farms. This special couple made me feel so at home, it was hard to leave.

But, there are new adventures beckoning, so I tucked the memory of mountains, valleys, and farmland away in a special place, and set off for a few days of exploring the beautiful and exciting West Coast.

Until next time ~


Patricia Sheehy said...

Jan, I am beyond impressed at your courage and sense of adventure, and find myself feeling wistful for the freedom you've carved out for yourself. Such a leap of faith, staying with strangers and such a remarkable opportunity you've been given to live life "other ways" if only for a day or two, from farming and picking corn to sitting on a horse. I'm holding my breath to learn what's next. -- Patricia Sheehy, author

Gina bo bina said...

Haha! You "sat" on a horse. Love it. You gotta crawl before you can walk, walk before you can run and sit on a horse before you trail ride on a donkey. Here's a trail riding tip. "Don't look down." Hahaha! I'm serious. You go, gurrrrrrrrrrrrl!!!!!

Linda said...

Yes, you GO, Girl! It was a wonderful treat to meet you this week, and I hope your further adventures continue to be as much fun as those you've told about in your blog. Happy trails to you!

Chris R said...

I sat on a horse for the first time in May, and it was fun. You really should schedule a trail ride somewhere - going through a natural park on a natural mode of transport seems perfect!