Tuesday, January 1, 2008


“You may know that Connecticut has a Clocktower Museum, but did you know we have one because two packrat brothers couldn’t stop collecting, so they started buying museums in which to house their stuff? And you may know that the state is loaded with nice little picnic spots, but did you know how to find them? Connecticut is full of such little gems, and Jan Mann has gone out to find them. Plus, she’s sweetened the pot with some quick though tasty recipes. Now, why didn’t I think of that?”

Susan Campell, Columnist, The Hartford Courant,

Author of Connecticut Curiosities.

“From the moment I park the car and step outside, I know it is going to be a memorable day. The sun is shining and the resident mocking bird greets and serenades me all the way to the Carriage House. Inside, friendly staff members are welcoming, and the Bowen’s 'company drink', pink lemonade, has been prepared for thirsty visitors."
~ Roseland Cottage

“Even during the short walk from the parking area to Heckscher Farm, we imagine we could be in Puddlyby-on-the-Marsh, the town where Doctor Dolittle’s practice became so successful after his parrot, Polynesia, taught him animal language. It is fascinating to watch the interaction between visitors and the animals and, yes, the animals do talk back.”
~ Stamford Museum & Nature Center

“One hour after game time—I finished my research almost one hour ago and want to go home. I am still looking for my car. That “Tips from Tailgaters” suggestion on Joe’s website, the one about tying a helium-filled balloon to the antenna—it’s a good one.”
~ Football tailgating Party

“After lunch, the ambience of this country setting causes us to linger—but not for long. There is more shopping to do!”
~ Marlborough Barn

“No one else is outside on this September weekday afternoon, and only the unpacking of our picnic basket and the melodious river flowing amidst the rocks interrupts the quiet.”
~ Brookfield Craft Center

“The first picnic option is next to a large pond to the immediate left after entering the park. On this day in mid-summer, it is covered almost entirely by variegated shades of pink, fuchsia, and white water lilies, and on closer inspection we see a frog hopping from one green lily pad to another. Really!”
~ Gillette Castle

What are some of the things you carry in your picnic basket? Jan Mann