Saturday, September 5, 2009

The "not-so-wild" West

John Wayne had a commanding presence about him. Heck, even a wooden cutout got me to take notice. It was placed next to the door leading into the lobby of the motel, along with a couple of plastic horses, a pair of cowboy boots, and saddles.

Walking through the courtyard to my room, I notice the two corners of the u-shaped structure where other cowboys and assorted western paraphernalia are at home, while an elk and moose, windmill and totem pole find space closer to the street. In fact, everywhere I look, I am reminded I am in Wyoming. And, like John Wayne, everything is larger-than-life.

On the second floor landing where I am headed, is a hanging 36x42 wooden painting of five cowboys playing poker with a dance hall "lady", and guess who's winning? And what's this? A handsome cowboy standing right next to my room, while on the roof across the courtyard is a rearing palomino. Why not!

What pulls it all together, I think, is the profusion of pink and fuchsia flowers blooming in every nook and cranny. Standing containers are placed next to all the molded animals and cowboy cutouts, while pots hang in front of the doors to the rooms.

I had asked my grandson, who is attending WyoTech to check out the local motels, and this is the one he choose for me to spend my one night in Laramie. I loved it!! And probably the one I will remember best at the end of this trip.


Anonymous said...

You're so lucky. I didn't see any cowboys when I was in Laramie. Motel sounds great.

Anonymous said...

From where I'm sitting it sounds like your standing at the edge of a fantastic life event. I hope you enjoy ever second of it. Furthermore, being aware of you predilection for quotes I shall send you off accordingly;

“Buy the ticket, take the ride.”
- Hunter S. Thompson

Patricia Sheehy said...

Hope you're taking lots of photos, especially of BIGGER THAN LIFE cowboys. Great description of your night in Laramie. Pick and fuchsia flowers? Who says cowboys dont have a gentle side to them. Keep writing, Jan. Loving your journey from afar.

Patricia Sheehy

Anonymous said...


Jan, I can't believe you are that far west - you must be tearing up the road.


CrusingCT said...

Haha, I'm sure you weren't looking very hard, cuz you had your own (brand of) cowboy close at hand.

CrusingCT said...

I'm moving pretty fast, but not that fast! I cheated and flew to Denver to start my trip.


jan said...

A great quote to add to my list. Thanks.