Sunday, August 30, 2009

"Each Venture is a New Beginning" ~ T.S. Eliot

Almost everything is packed and ready to go. Actually, everything but Teddy Tripper and the laptop I am using.

Interestingly, for the past few days, I have been scurrying around tending to the myriad of details that 5 weeks away from home and work requires. And, although I sensed I was one day ahead of schedule, something drove me to keep that frantic pace.

Now, I get it. My intuition was telling me that I needed tomorrow, the day before my big trip to take it easy, perhaps do some relaxation and meditation exercises, get myself centered. I believe if I start out with a sense of inner peace, I will be better able to open my eyes to all the richness and serendipity that is certain to be found in this new venture, this new beginning.

Back in a few days from the wild wild west.


Marc Goodin said...

30 days away from home takes some planning. Figuring how to pay our bills while away was our first step.

We are taking a similar trip in about 1.5 months so we look forward to reading about your trip!

MJ Allaire said...

Hey Jan,

Have a WONDERFUL trip!!! I look forward to reading about your adventures, and maybe even FINALLY meeting for that cup of coffee sometime before CHRISTMAS!!

Keep us posted on things, and may theh writing and traveling angels be with you!!!

Hugs, MJ