Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Picnic Season is Far From Over

September is a bittersweet month for me. I find it hard to flip the calendar from August to September without bemoaning the fact that the carefree days of summer seemed to fly by ~ again, and sad there were so many events I did not get to. On the other hand, September has some lovely warm days with comfortable cooling breezes, plus the state's breathtaking foliage is on this month's heels. And, best of all, both months are great for picnicking. Now, this is a happy thought.

Speaking of picnics, I recently happened upon an interesting website, http://www.picnicrecipesandgames.com/, which bills itself as the "webs foremost authority on picnics and picnic planning." Check out the various topics, such as Free Picnic Table Plans, Picnic Products Guide, Picnic Baskets, Picnic Games & Ideas, and Free Cookbook.

One of the most interesting topics for me, under a heading titled Picnic Related, is Find a Picnic Area, which brings up a map listing 109 locations in America to picnic. You simply find a state and click on a flag for a pop-up of the destination. Imagine my surprise when I clicked on Connecticut and found zero destinations. I thought, how can this be, there are so many wonderful spots to picnic in this state! But, I rectified this omission when I saw an invitation to send in your favorite picnic area. And, when I checked back a short time later, there was my blurb about Gillette Castle State Park. No doubt I will send in more suggestions, and perhaps some of my readers will do the same, no matter where you live.

Most important ~ while the weather is still nice ~ get out there and PICNIC!

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