Sunday, August 31, 2008

Check Out These Dates!

From time to time, I check Chase's Calendar of Events for special food days. If I find one for a specific food used in one of my recipes in Cruising Connecticut, I often print that recipe on the back of my bookmarks and pass them out during a book signing. Recently, I shared Loaded Oatmeal Cookies during National Pecan Month (April) and Cold Marinated Asparagus during National Asparagus Month (May).

Although the following dates have absolutely nothing to do with day tripping or picnicking or even food, they gave me a smile and I hope they give you one as well.

We missed this one, but Happiness Happens Day on August 8th, is sponsored by the Secret Society of Happy People. This is about encouraging "the expression of happiness and discouraging parade-raining." I like it!

I don't remember what I was doing on August 8th. I assume I was happy, since most days I am, but I thought, why leave it to chance, and added the date to my 2009 calendar. (I know it seems early to have next year's calendar, but I already have two Cruising Connecticut book talks scheduled.)

Coming up on September 2nd ~ are you ready for this one? Be late for Something Day. "To create a release from the stresses and strains resulting from a consistent need to be on time." I knew this was an authentic group when I went to the sponsor's website (The Procrastinators Club of America) and it said, "Click! To see our predictions for 2004."

Well now, there appears to be a little rivalry between the procrastinators' group and the non-procrastinators' group, because the very next day ~ September 3rd, is "Do it! Day (aka Fight Procrastination Day.) The sponsor of this day, a Productivity Coach says, "Feeling overwhelmed? Too many things left undone? Hard to focus? Today is your day to turn your Do Its into Did Its!"

My personal favorite? On September 9th, we can celebrate, Wonderful Weirdos Day. "All of us are blessed with one or two wonderful weirdos in our lives. These are the folks who remind us to think outside the box, to be a little more true to ourselves. Today's the day to thank them. So give them a hug, and say 'I love you, you weirdo!' "

Hmmm, I wonder if I will get a hug!

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