Thursday, March 20, 2014

International Day of Happiness March 20th

Two of my Facebook friends, Dennis Schleicher and Margaret Hudson Greenberg posted the  information about this day, which made me look at my calendar and say "Yikes! I meant to blog on this day." That's the problem with getting so engrossed in writing my book, How I Won the West I don't even know what day it is most of the time.

Anyway, I had a happy day today. Worked in the morning, then went to lunch with a friend at The Three Sisters tea room on the island in Venice, which was yummy. Then we walked into a shop that had the most amusing greeting cards, we stood there for 20 minutes laughing out loud and then buying a bunch for people in our life who would appreciate them. Next door there was a small breakfast and lunch restaurant that was new to us, so we wandered in to look at the menu and immediately made plans to bike over next week for breakfast. Finally, my friend spotted an Arthur Murray Studio across the parking lot so we walked over to inquire about their schedule. Guess which one of us ended up signing up for three private lessons for ballroom dancing? Yup, me. Although I have been dancing my entire life, I have had the yearning to learn some more sophisticated and groovy moves for the fox trot and waltz, and some basic moves for the swing which I have not done to any extent, but LOVE!!

Yes, this was a very happy day, and although not every day is eating out and having fun, I usually find something happy about each one. It's just the way I have decided to live life.

Then, there is the other meaning of this "Day of Happiness" and that is thinking of ways to make other people happy. There are so many small ways to touch someone's life which not only makes another person happy but us as well. Wow - simple concept. All we have to do is to put the thought into our consciousness more often. Perhaps I will make a sign to put over my desk. Something like "Who can I make happy today?"

For everyone reading this blog, I sincerely hope this was a happy day for you. And thanks, Dennis and Margaret.


Catherine Gibson said...

Very nice post. "International Day of Happiness March 20th." I wish I posted this on my blog @

Dennis posted a link on my blog to your's, I hope that's ok?
Author Cathy Gibson

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cathy, Yes, linking your blog to mine is a great idea. Glad Dennis thought of it. Jan