Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Passionate Pursuit Sprouts Many Branches

Isn't it interesting how a simple passion can grow like a mighty oak, and then branch out to take you in unexpected directions. Such as it was with day tripping and picnicking. For many years, I was absorbed in touring Connecticut to discover everything the state had to offer in the way of leisure-time activities. There was no end to the destinations I found, and after awhile I had enough information to fill a book.

So, that's what I did, wrote a book about all my favorite places; then because accuracy and timing was crucial, it was obvious I needed to self-publish; and, oh yeah, how to get my book baby out there so people could find it. Well, now I was in the marketing, promotion, and publicity business, and what automatically follows is warehousing, distribution, accounting, and well, on it goes.

During this process, I found another passion - speaking to groups about day tripping and picnicking, sharing all the exciting possibilities for adventure. In all, there have been over 200 book signings and talks during the past six years. And, this is where the irony comes in.

My original passion of day tripping and picnicking has taken me along so many roots (sorry!) that I sometimes long for the joy of those carefree days when I actually had time to cruise around the state with my picnic basket.

But, there are no regrets. I've couldn't be happier with the course my journey has taken. I guess that's the way it is with a passionate pursuit. Like a tree, it just keeps on sprouting and growing in new directions. The latest direction is my new book to be released in 2013, a travel memoir about a solo cross-country trip I took to visit ten national parks. Talk about an adventure.

Although I am working hard on this book, I still managed to get to some of my favorite Connecticut places during the past few months. I'll tell you about them next week.

I hope your passion takes you to incredible places!

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