Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Holiday Picnicking

I guess it is no surprise that July 4th is the single most popular day of the year to picnic. And, I imagine there are as many unique places to picnic and menu items as there are picnickers.

Check out an interesting article on this topic a friend discovered on the web. It's from and the subtitle is: “In a boat, in the nude, with cold chicken, warm bananas, McKnightley or Mole…” I bet that got your attention! Simply google the title, 10 Best Literary Picnics.

Now, both my planned picnic destination and menu for the 4th seem especially traditional. I will be at the home of a family member and the menu will most likely consist of grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, salads and other sides including the mandatory Shady Glen Cole slaw, chips, and of course something decadent for dessert. One thing is certain: it will be both simple and casual. Since there have been a fair amount of family functions recently everyone is looking forward to a low-key, relaxing day.

I hope that wherever you picnic this weekend and whatever you decide to pack in your picnic basket, the day will be filled with joy and meaning.

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