Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tomorrow is National Letting Go of Stuff Day

Hello Folks,

Would you believe after all this time I have no picnic outings to report from Florida? I'm still waiting for some consistent 70-plus degree weather without the strong winds that have become norm this winter. So, in lieu of picnicking, I have been spending more time working on my 2nd book, Cruising Cross-Country than I might have otherwise, and I guess this is a good thing.

So, putting the subject of day tripping, picnicking and writing aside for today, I would like to share the following from Chase's Calendar of Events. I believe the message can benefit everyone. These days we take stuff into our sub-conscious at an alarming rate and forget that every once and a while we need to clear out the negative, that which we no longer want or need in our lives.

Mission Statement: National Letting Go of Stuff Day ~ April 25th
To provide a day of acknowledgment for freeing up sub-conscious space so people all over the United States can begin to experience freedom - from the inside-out.

1. A day to claim your personal power.
2. A day to begin measuring your personal success from one year to the next.
3. A day to begin cleaning out your heart - getting rid of all the emotional pain.
4. A day to claim RENEWAL of your spirit.
5. A day to BEGIN LETTING GO of your past situations that are holding you back from your future success.
6. A day to claim your future dreams - as your own.
7. A day to accept and acknowledge what you can and cannot control in your life - and live accordingly.


Holly:) said...

Letting go of the stuff on your list was way to overwhelmimg to deal with...I cleaned "stuff" out my closet instead! Thanks for the inspiration!

Jan said...

hahaha, I agree, cleaning from the inside-out of our closet is much easier than our sub-conscious. Oh well, there's always next year!

Dennis J. Schleicher said...

It's that time of year for "letting go of old stuff." I'm happy to see you are getting more comments with 4300 hits with your site counter.
I was at ‘Heart of the Country’ in old Wethersfield, CT. the other day selling your book. The owner “Loves You.”
I’m linking your Blog to; that will soon be I’ve built both sites.
Keep up your GREAT Blogging and lets try to get you more inbound and outbound links. Talk Soon.
PS I have some great things to read on;