Friday, November 13, 2009

My Life on a Bookshelf

Someone asked me if I read any good books on my recent x-country trip and I chuckled and answered truthfully that I hardly had time to read my maps, that if I hadn't received a gift of a GPS, I would have spent a lot of time being lost. Later, I wondered what kind of book I would have taken with me if I'd actually had an opportunity to read.

My primary reading choice for over 20 years has been non-fiction, on a wide variety of subjects related to what my interest was at the time, such as books on investing when I joined a stock club, books on business and public speaking when a job opportunity came my way, how-to books on decorating and other artistic endeavors, and the like. And, in between, inspirational books of all kinds. For the last few years, the concentration has been on my book, Cruising Connecticut with a Picnic Basket, so I read books on travel and day tripping, then writing, publishing, marketing and promotion, in that order. A friend once commented, "I can tell a lot about a person by what I see on their bookshelves." The image of the closed books lined up on my own shelves immediately verified her claim. My life, in fact, was an open one.

Vacations were a different story. Part of the excitement of getting away was what I considered the luxury of packing non-fiction in my suitcase. I looked forward to escaping to unknown worlds with plots set in exotic locations and characters who demanded emotional involvement. Like the vacation itself, fiction was an indulgence, a rare treat like a chocolate truffle to satisfy my sweet tooth.

But, now I've abruptly changed my reading routine to focus on good literature, enjoying every moment of this "indulgence" while soaking in the incredible energy, style and tone of the writers. Secretly, I am hoping that a smidgen of their brilliance will somehow reverberate to my keyboard when I'm staring at that menacing blank page of my new book, Cruising X-Country....

Just as I have not yet decided on the final title, I am still thinking about the focus. I am hoping that a couple of author friends are right when they say, "Just start writing and once you get going you may not have a choice, the book will write itself." Now, that's an exciting image!

By the way, as usual, Cruising Connecticut will be at a couple of Holiday Fairs which are right around the corner. Check out the calendar page on my website, I'd love to meet you, and an autographed book, either alone or tucked into a basket with a bottle of Connecticut wine is a nice gift for any occasion. If you can't get to an event you can still get an autographed book with my online order form. Also, click "What's In Our Picnic Basket" for the latest posted recipe from Cruising Connecticut, a nice addition to your holiday hors d'oeuvre platter.


Kevin M said...

As our friend Mark Twain once said "the man who doesn't read books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them." Read on Mom.

Holly said...

I say start Crusing X-Country with the fabulous x-country pictures you took- they tell a great story- then add the words! Your book will be on Bookshelves across the country in no time!