Friday, October 9, 2009

36 Days and 6,469 Miles Later...

As expected, Teddy Tripper and I had mixed emotions when we arrived home on Tuesday. We loved being on the road looking for adventures, making new friends, and touring National Parks. Whoever said that the National Parks are this Country’s greatest treasure sure got that right. While we were on the road we felt like we could go on forever, but when our frantic pace slowed down, an incredible weariness set in. So, we have been resting up for tomorrow’s start of my fall promotion schedule for Cruising Connecticut. (Check my website for upcoming functions at

While I continue doing what I love, which is talking to groups about all the great treasures in the State of Connecticut, I will also begin writing my new book about the thrill of visiting 10 National Parks in five weeks, how to travel solo and not be lonely, and introduce readers to some interesting places and people I met along the way.

I loved blogging during the trip, receiving comments and responding back. It was such fun! I will continue blogging on a semi-regular basis, just as I have been doing for the past year, keeping folks up to date on new day trips I discover, as well as upcoming functions at destinations in Cruising Connecticut. Oh, and of course, sharing picnic recipes.

Also, from time to time, I will let you know how my new book is coming along. Suggestions and/or questions will be welcome at any time, but especially now, while I am planning the format and preparing my outline. What would YOU like to know about the National Parks, or x-country travel in general, solo or otherwise? Shoot me a comment at the end of this post, or email me at:

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