Saturday, May 31, 2008

Books and Gift Baskets

Earlier this week, I received the ultimate compliment from a friend who called to thank me for a gift basket. He said, "I was so excited to receive a basket from the 'Martha Stewart' of picnics." That was a gift in itself! I did not put my book in this particular basket since the recipient already had a copy, although I did include items to go with the theme of my book ~ gourmet foodstuffs that could easily be carried to a picnic, or enjoyed at home.

When gifting my book, I sometimes include a small plant and a bottle of wine, preferably from one of the wineries in my book. With a supply of inexpensive baskets on hand and cloth napkins for lining the basket, I'm always ready when I need a gift basket.

Now, I do believe every book stands alone as a thoughtful gift, but when you want to give a little something more, think about placing the book in a basket and adding appropriate item or items to carry out the theme of your book.

For example, for a mystery or adventure aficionado, I might add a classic DVD of the same genre, along with a package of microwave popcorn, or for someone special, a couch throw to curl up in while reading. If I was giving a cookbook, I'd splurge on some of the new colorful utensils I've seen at the kitchen shops. And, for a children's book about the seashore, for instance, how about a small stuffed whale and some fishy crackers. Well, you get the idea!

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