Thursday, March 20, 2008

What do you do when it Rains on Your Parade?

Or, rather, what do you do when the weather does not cooperate for your outdoor picnic? The answer: If it's overcast or only a light intermittent rain is threatened, think about changing your destination to one that has picnic shelters, such as Devil's Hopyard State Park, Gillete Castle, Roseland Cottage, or one of the wineries, all described in my book. (

What if the weather keeps you indoors? In Connecticut, there were many times when the weather did a 90-degree turn in the time it took me to toss the salad prior to packing it in the cooler. When this happened, we usually just ate your picnic at the diningt room table like any other meal.

But, the most fun was when I continued to pack up the goodies, declaring we would still have our picnic and to follow me. In the living room, I spread my colorful picnic cloth on the floor, inviting everyone to take a seat around the perimeter, and proceeded to unpack the basket. By the time this ritual was finished, everyone was back in the mood for a picnic, especially since I tended to make everyone's favorite dishes. (Doesn't everyone do this for a picnic?) We played word games while we ate and soon forgot all about the weather outside. Children especially love the spontaneity and absurdity of a picnic on the living room floor.

One good thing about a home picjnic, if you forget to pack the condiments, or heaven forbid, the corkscrew (the thing I forgot most often until I bought a spare one to keep in the picnic basket) ~ they are just a few steps away.

I'll let you know if the weather cooperates for my first-day-of-spring picnic here in Florida. (Yesterday, the high winds prevented most outdoor activities.) Wherever you are, Happy Spring! At the first sign of pleasant weather, enjoy an outdoor picnic.

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